Research team

Dr. Giedrė Motuzaitė Matuzevičiūtė. Project PI, specialist in the study of the human palaeodiet. More information
Meiirzhan Abdrakhmanov. PhD student, study the miliacin biomarker and paleoclimate. More information
Margaux Depaermentier. PostDoc researcher, analyse carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and strontium isotopes from human and animal skeletal remains from Eastern Europe spanning the period between the Bronze Ange and the Middle Ages, tracking the first stages of the spread of millet in Eastern Europe. More information
Prof Dr Piotr Guzowski. historian. More information
Kyriaki Karanikola. PhD candidate, study the social and environmental aspects of millet use through time via archaeobotanical research in Central Europe. More information
Assoc Prof Dr Petr Pokorný. palynologist. More information

Management personnel

Rėda Nemickienė – administration

Kristina Astravaitė – finance management