Bioarchaeology Research centre of Vilnius University is a part of Archaeology Department at History Faculty.  It was established to conduct research on ecofacts (biofacts) collected during archaeological excavations as well as to study anthropological material.

Bioarchaeological centre is specialising in the analysis and storage of macrobotanical plant remains, mainly seeds and osteological material.

The research connected with anthropological material from Lithuania is done in the Medicine Department of Vilnius University.

The Bioarchaeology Research centre of Vilnius University contains three laboratories for botanical, zooarchaeological and anthropological analysis as well as wet laboratory facilities with silt trap installations for sediment sieving and flotation.

Beside scientific research the centre holds lectures and practicals for students of Vilnius University, as well as conducts and advises on commercial archaeology projects.

The Bioarchaeology Research centre of Vilnius University welcomes collaborations and joint research projects with scientific institutions from Lithuania and abroad.

For all enquiries please contact Dr. Giedre Motuzaite Matuzeviciute or other members of the centre.

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