PhD student Elina Ananyevskaya




Research interests: zooarchaeology, bioarchaeology, prehistoric archaeology, archaeology of Kazakhstan, scientific methods in archaeology, stable isotope analysis, ethnography, ancient history. Research methods: zooarchaeological identification analysis and interpretation, stable isotope analysis, archaeological excavation, landscape research.


ISI WoS publications:

  • Ananyevskaya, E., Aytqaly, A., Beisenov, A., Dmitriev, E., Garbaras, A., Kukushkin, I., Loman, V., Sapolaite, J., Usmanova, E., Varfolomeev, V.V., Voyakin, D.A., Zhuniskhanov, A.S., Motuzaite Matuzeviciute, G. 2017. Early indicators to C4 plant consumption in central Kazakhstan during the Final Bronze Age and Early Iron Age based on stable isotope analysis of human and animal bone collagen. Archaeological Research in Asia, 15: 157-173.