PhD student Auksė Rusteikytė



  • 2019. Traineeship at the University of Bristol, School of Chemistry. Training in the analysis of organic residues from archaeological pottery. Erasmus + programme.
  • Since 2018. PhD student at the Vilnius University. Preliminary thesis title: Application of microbotanical and biomolecular methods in the study of organic remains: based on Vilnius Lower Castle archaeological data.
  • Since 2017. Laboratory assistant at Bioarchaeology Research Centre of Vilnius University.
  • 2017-2018. Volunteer at rescue archaeology company VšĮ Archeologijos centras.
  • 2016-2018. Master’s degree in Archaeology at the Vilnius University, Lithuania. Thesis title: „Analysis of charred food remains in archaeology: study methods and perspectives based on archaeological material found in Lithuania“.
  • 2011-2016. Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology at the Vilnius University, Lithuania. Thesis title: „Matrices in Lithuanian jewelry“.


General research themes: food history, palaeodiet, food preparation technology, ancient recipes, food residue analysis, analysis of amourphous charred food remains, experimental archaeology, public archaeology.

Methods: archaeobotany, ancient starch and phytolith analysis, SEM analysis, biomolecular analysis methods in archaeology, ethnography.


  • Motuzaitė Matuzevičiūtė G. ir Rusteikytė A. (2017) Paleomitybos tyrimai archeologijoje ir eksperimentinės archeologijos galimybės (en. Paleodiet studies in archaeology and experimental archaeology), in: Eksperimentinė archeologija (sud. Luchtanienė D.), Vilnius: Akademinė leidyba, 2018, 2 t., p. 57-80.


  • Rusteikytė A. Study of amorphous charred food remains found in Lithuania. International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany. Lecce, Italy, June 3-8, 2019. Poster presentation.